Episode 10 (titled Food for Thought) starts off with Kate and Magic feeling hungry. When Kate's dad had gone to get the spaghetti, Kate noticed a girl called Molly , a girl who likes cakes and ice cream and other kinds of sweets, but her parents don't appericiate that. Kate realises that she is a girl who needs a pet. Kate and Magic go to Pocketville without eating. In the Pocketpedia the Bear Inn is represented, so Kate, Magic and the royal gaurds go there. When they do, Magic finds out a nice smell, which he thinks is desserts, but Goldie reveals that it is vegetables. After she finds out she is the chosen pet, she wanted to make a vegetable soup to say goodbye, but she tastes the soup first. While she's gone, Eva drops sleeping herbs into the soup, however Goldie doesn't taste the soup again. When she gives out the soup to Kate and her friends, they start sleeping after eating it. Before Eva got the friendship heart , Goldie got it first. She hid in the hole until Kate and her friends woke up. Eva escaped in time. After Kate got the friendship heart back, Goldie told her everything was Ok. They did the friendship ceremony , and Goldie appeared in the Big City . She brought Molly to an apple store, and took bites of an apple. After Molly tried an apple, she realized that fruit and vegetables can be as good as sweets.