Species Siamese (cat breed)
Breed Siamese
Fur Colour White, black
Eyes Blue
First Appearance Episode 1: "The Friendship Ceremony"
Last Appearance Being held prisoner by Pet buster, after events of Episode 52: "The Homecoming: Part 2"
Eva is Princess Ava's evil twin sister and the main antagonist of the series. She is one of the two kittens of the fictional Felis Aulicus breed ("Cat of the Royal Court" in Latin), the rarest cat species known to people.

Jealous of Ava's position of power, she hatches a plan to steal the Friendship Heart while her sister is busy with the Friendship Ceremony. She ends up breaking the Friendship Heart in two and accidentally sending Ava to the Big City. She escapes capture with one half of the jewel, leaving the other half in the heroes' paws.

Determined to become the next Princess of Pocketville, she does everything she can to recover that half and keep Kate, Magic, and the Royal Guards from bringing Ava back. As fate would have it, however, this dark obsession leads to her end as the Petbuster's prisoner.

In the french translation,her name is "Ima".


Eva is brave, smart, and good at hiding her true feelings, considering Ava never knew how much she hated her until Eva told her. She's also excellent at deciphering others' weaknesses, as she did with the snow leopard guarding the Never Alone flowerDurillia refers to her as the most cunning creature in all of Pocket Kingdom.

There is Also a rumor that Eva has "feelings" for William. If this is true, It is proof that she is good at hiding her true feelings.