Ava, the Princess of Pocketville

Princess Ava is a Red-Point Siamese cat and a Felis Aulicus (A cat of the royal court). Princess Ava is the monarch of Pocketville (and the Pocket Kingdom as a whole) and is sweet, loveable, kind and caring.

On the day of Pocketville's anniversary her jealous twin sister Eva sent her to the Big City.

Wallace, a stray dog, supports and teaches her and she adapts in the Big City. She proves herself to be able to handle challenges outside of her castle.

Ava later finds out that the Pet Buster, a man who captures stray animals and sells them in auctions, was focusing on her, because there were only two Felis Aulicus cats known to humans, and he would become rich if he sold her in an auction.

Fortunately, Kate saves her and brings her back to Pocketville. As Ava says Kate's heart is pure and generous, the Ocean of Friendship is created and the Magic Fountain changed shape. Even though Eva causes a lot of trouble, Ava still loves her.


  • Even though Ava is the monarch, there was no mention in the show that she is a queen, which makes it strange.